10 things that happened on this day in History… April 3rd:

We love our History, and we love to find out about interesting facts or events that happened on this very day back through the years. We picked 10 interesting things that occurred on this day throughout history, along with a handful of births and deaths. Swat up on your facts take a few minuets to think back on how this day might have been once…

1043 – Edward the Confessor is crowned King of England

1882 – American Old West: Jesse James is killed by Robert Ford. He was shot in the back by Bob Ford, one of his own gang members, reportedly for a $10,000 reward.

1895 – Trial of the libel case instigated by Oscar Wilde begins, eventually resulting in his imprisonment on charges of homosexuality.

1922 – Joseph Stalin becomes the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

1933 – First flight over Mount Everest, a British expedition, led by the Marquis of Clydesdale, and funded by Lucy, Lady Houston

1948 – President Truman signed the Marshall Plan, which would foster the recovery of war-torn Europe.

1954 – 100th Boat Race Oxford wins the 100th Boat Race by four-and-a-half lengths from Cambridge in rough conditions on the River Thames.

1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech to a rally of striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tenn., less than 24 hours before he was assassinated.

1973 – Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first handheld mobile phone call to Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs, though it took ten years for the DynaTAC 8000X to become the first such phone to be commercially released.

2000 – United States v. Microsoft: Microsoft is ruled to have violated United States antitrust laws by keeping “an oppressive thumb” on its competitors.

Born on this day:

1366 Henry IV of England (d. 1413)

1643Charles V, Duke of Lorraine (d. 1690)

1924Doris Day, American actress, singer and animal rights activist

1924Marlon Brando, American actor (d. 2004)

1946John Virgo, English snooker player

1964Andy Robinson, English rugby player

Died on this day:

963William III, Duke of Aquitaine (b. 915)

1287Pope Honorius IV (b. c. 1210)

1606Charles Blount, 1st Earl of Devon (b. 1563)

1950Carter G. Woodson, American historian, author, and journalist, founder of Black History Month (b. 1875)

Can you think of any interesting things that happened on this day in History? 

This day in History: If we have no past, we have no future…

On This Day in History: March 2nd

When I was in School, there was such an importance placed on History and I loved it. We learnt the ability to prioritise information, marshal an argument and critique sources. History was, and is, so many things: if we have no history, we have no future.

History is the material culture of the past, the rise and fall of civilisations, the understanding of lost communities, it provides us with a collective memory, giving us a sense of connection to place, time and community…and so much more. I feel like that importance just isn’t there anymore, and this elimination of the past is nothing short of a national tragedy in my opinion…and this why I have decided to have a look back on this day in History, and look at what happened on some of the previous March 2nds!

March 2nd 986:  Louis V becomes King of the Franks. Louis V was the last Carolingian King of Western Francia and reigned in Laon from 2 March 986 until his own death, at the age of 20, in 987. It may be because he reigned for only one year that medieval biographers awarded him the title qui nihil fecit – “who did nothing”.

March 2nd 1797: The Bank of England issues the first one-pound and two-pound banknotes.

March 2nd 1825: Work began on the Thames Tunnel in London, the world’s first tunnel under a navigable river! It will take 18 years to complete; after several floods, human disasters, and delays caused by financing difficulties, it remains in use as the oldest part of the London Underground.

March 2nd 1941: First German military units enter Bulgaria after it joined the Axis Pact –  a pact signed in Berlin, Germany on September 27, 1940, which established the Axis Powers of World War II. The pact was signed by representatives of Nazi Germany (Adolf Hitler), Fascist Italy (foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano), and Imperial Japan (Japanese ambassador to Germany Saburo Kurusu).

Do you feel History is important and is being lost? What March 2nd in History interests you? Please share your views with us below…