“Very Special Indeed” – Minelab And Their CTX3030

Something I guess that we are all used to these days is the hype and marketing thrown at us by companies trying to sell various products. In these modern times this has become completely normal for just about every new or re-vamped item that comes on to the market. Manufacturers are keen to use innovative advertising to attract our attention and focus it onto every new product that is launched. Just like a famous lager, many metal detectors are marketed as ‘probably’ the best at this and for doing that. However, what cannot be sold alongside the product are the persistent and always present variables involved in the ownership and usage of a metal detector.  Read more of this post

A Shattered Spinner

Shattered SpinnerOn the dark and drizzly night of April 8th 1941 the dull throbbing of enemy aircraft could be heard high up in the skies over many areas of Eastern and Southern England. Their target for that night was to be Coventry and the Luftwaffe was using the X and Y Verfahren beams to guide their bombers, as well as the beam system known as Knickebein. The Germans had also developed an aerial unit known as KGr 100 who acted as Pathfinders. Read more of this post