On this day in History, May 4th…

We love our History, and we love to find out about interesting facts or events that happened on this very day back through the years. We picked 10 interesting things that occurred on this day throughout history, along with a handful of births and deaths.

Swat up on your facts take a few minutes to think back on how this day might have been once…

Can you think of any interesting things that happened on this day in History?

1471 Wars of the Roses: The Battle of Tewkesbury: Edward IV defeats a Lancastrian Army and kills Edward, Prince of Wales.

1493 Spanish Pope Alexander VI divides America between Spain and Portugal along the Line of Demarcation.

1675 King Charles II of England orders the construction of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

1776 Rhode Island becomes the first American colony to declare independence from England & King George III.

1799 Fourth Anglo-Mysore War: The Battle of Seringapatam: The siege of Seringapatam ends when the city is invaded and Tipu Sultan killed by the besieging British army, under the command of General George Harris.

1818 Netherlands and England sign treaty against illegal slave handling.

1904 The United States begins construction of the Panama Canal.

1919 May Fourth Movement: Student demonstrations take place in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, protesting the Treaty of Versailles, which transferred Chinese territory to Japan.

1945 World War II: Neuengamme concentration camp near Hamburg is liberated by the British Army.

World War II: The North Germany Army surrenders to Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

1979 Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


1008 King Henry I of France

1974 Tony McCoy, Northern Irish National Hunt jockey

1985 Ravinder Bopara, English cricketer

1989 Rory McIlroy, Northern Irish golfer

2009 Prince Henrik of Denmark, Danish royalty


1471 Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales (killed in battle).

1471 Edmund Beaufort, 4th Duke of Somerset, English military commander (executed).

1972 Edward Calvin Kendall, American chemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

1938 Carl von Ossietzky, German pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

1903 Gotse Delchev, a revolutionary from the Balkans – leader of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.