10 things that happened on this day in History… April 20th

We love our History, and we love to find out about interesting facts or events that happened on this very day back through the years. We picked 10 interesting things that occurred on this day throughout history, along with a handful of births and deaths. Swat up on your facts take a few minutes to think back on how this day might have been once…

Can you think of any interesting things that happened on this day in History?

1653 – Oliver Cromwell dissolves the Rump Parliament, which had existed for 5 years after the execution of King Charles I.

1775 – In the American War of Independence, the Siege of Boston begins.

1810 – The Governor of Caracas, Venezuela declares independence from Spain.

1902 – Pierre and Marie Curie refine radium chloride.

1926 – Sound is added to film as Western Electric and Warner Bros announce Vitaphone.

1946 – League of Nations dissolved, as it’s power goes to the United Nations.

1961 – The USA’s attempt to kill Fidel Castro fails with the Bay of Pigs 

1964 – BBC Two launches… with a power cut. 

1972 – Apollo 16 lands on the moon.


Born on this day

1889 – Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler

1937 – The original Spock and star of Star Trek, George Takei

1964 – Actor and Lord of the Rings’ Gollum, Andy Serkis


Died on this day

1314 – Pope Clement V (b.1264)

1991 – Singer Steve Marriott (b. 1947)

1992 – Comedian Benny Hill (b.1924)