Changes Over Four Decades

I’ve been detecting for a little more than 35 years now, and often reflect back to the days when I first started (though I shan’t disclose which machine I used because that’s just too embarrassing). I fell in love with the hobby as soon as I took it up, and still feel the same way today. I also laugh at some of my early antics.

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I loved Roman coins (and still do) and kept every Grot I found in a special coin album, which soon extended to several albums. My day would be made and fulfilled just by finding a single Grot.

Roman Grot

I wasn’t so keen on Roman artefacts, though I did keep them – it was their coins I wanted. For some reason I also had a strong dislike towards hammered silver and so gave all of these coins away to colleagues. As for 17th Century Traders Tokens, well I classed them as despicable; hated the things and threw them without care into nearby hedges. And all this while making a beeline for Roman sites in the quest for coins. How things have changed!

These days I like almost everything that gets unearthed (things like shotgun tips remain excluded but one day will be prized finds I’m sure), and have even been back and luckily relocated some of those poorly treated tokens.

Roman Artefact

Now I am in wonder at even the simplest find, often wishing it could tell its true story rather than being subjected to my sometimes rather wild imagination. Have you changed as a detecting individual over the years?

What are your preferences: coins or artefacts?

About Julian Evan-Hart
Julian is from Hertfordshire, England and has always been interested in fossils and antiquities. Julian has written a number of books on metal detecting, and is an avid user of Minelab products.

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