January’s Best Finds…

2015 has started with a bang with a fantastic range of finds posted on our social media pages. If your best find hasn’t featured this month, fear not! Be sure to upload your best finds from February to our Facebook and Twitter pages for your chance to feature in next month’s edition…

Medieval Ring Read more of this post

Did Coinage Totally Cease When Rome Departed These Shores?

Bronze IssueThe answer to this particular question has been a pet interest of mine for some time. Local copies of coins were made in several stages during the Roman occupation of this island. However, it was what the ‘locals’ did after the Roman administration left that I often wonder about. Historically, trade and just about everything else slowly collapsed when the Romans left. Or was it rather that Roman trade and everything Roman collapsed? Some sort of stability must have survived. No doubt some sections of society quickly adopted the somewhat slacker old ways again, including systems like bartering, rather than continuing to use coins. Read more of this post

2014 – A Look Back

Well, here we are in 2015 and 2014 was quite a year with, once again, a few choice finds that kept me ticking over. Although it must be said, for the 36th year now, the Celtic Torque and large hoard of Roman Aureii that I have been searching for have once again evaded me.
However, that’s ok as it’s the smaller things I often derive the greatest pleasure from. So whilst I’m sure that the Torques etc lie in wait, for the time being it is these smaller items that make me ask questions I enjoy so much such as, “why is that Heraldic Pendant pierced” or “how did a Dutch coin get way out in a rural Cambridgeshire field?” Often the answers cannot ever be established but it’s the guessing and consideration of possibilities that make this great hobby so fascinating. Read more of this post