If You Just Don’t Have That Feeling About A Site….Don’t Give Up!

Coins in HandAs metal detectorists, we all sometimes have that special feeling about a specific area of a field or a whole site. Many referred to it as ‘the X Factor’ long before that cheesy talent show arrived on our screens. To give you an example of this, five years ago I was trawling Google Earth and using the time shift clock icon on a large estate that I have permission to search on. For those who don’t know, the time shift icon is a little yellow clock at the top of the page; click on this and Google Earth will show you a slide bar – if previous photos of your site have been taken then you can use the slide bar to go back in time and have a look. It is particularly useful for viewing different sites from the perspective of different positions of the sun and also with a range of different crops. Read more of this post