Minestrone of History

Detecting FindsThis is something of potential interest that I have been considering for some time now, and I’m sure it’s not the only case in existence. Yes, it is only a theory, but I can find no other plausible reason for such things. Read more of this post

A Shattered Spinner

Shattered SpinnerOn the dark and drizzly night of April 8th 1941 the dull throbbing of enemy aircraft could be heard high up in the skies over many areas of Eastern and Southern England. Their target for that night was to be Coventry and the Luftwaffe was using the X and Y Verfahren beams to guide their bombers, as well as the beam system known as Knickebein. The Germans had also developed an aerial unit known as KGr 100 who acted as Pathfinders. Read more of this post