On this day in history… 4th August 1914

4th August 1914 was the day on which Britain officially became a part of the First World War hostilities. Although the conflict that began this momentous war was begun weeks earlier, and between different nations, in the run up to 4th August it became clear that Britain would have no choice but to become involved. Read more of this post

On this day in history… 3rd August 1914

Despite the fact that the First World War was a very significant event in world history it took a surprisingly long time to begin. The series of events that ran just over a month and saw the start of this momentous conflict began with the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand during a state visit to Serbia. Just over a month later, the final nail in the coffin for those who were hoping to avoid a serious conflict came when – on 3rd August 1914 – Germany declared war on France. Read more of this post

On this day in history… 1st August 1914

The summer of 1914 was momentous as world events go, as it saw the start of the First World War, a conflict that was to last for nearly four years and take millions of lives. 1st August was an important day on the timeline for the First World War, as this was the day on which Germany declared war on Russia. Read more of this post