Introducing the Fisher F19 Ltd and Ltd-P

Fisher F19 Ltd & Ltd-P Metal DetectorsTwo exciting new additions to the Joan Allen website are the Fisher F19 Ltd and Ltd-P – soon to be available for those looking for a new detecting perspective. Both of these high performance metal detectors are ideal for searching for coins and relics, with a design that makes them perfectly suited to getting results – fast.

The Fisher F19 Ltd Metal Detector is widely considered to be one of the best relic hunting detectors around. It operates at 19kHz and comes with a standard 10” x 5” DD search coil and can be used for everything from beach hunting to gold prospecting and coin shooting. For those looking to conquer an iron infested location the Fisher F19 Ltd Metal Detector offers an efficient way to do it – there’s no better option for a relic hunting detector with real teeth. Not only is the Fisher F19 Ltd Metal Detector a very efficient piece of kit but it’s really easy to use too. The detector is ultra lightweight at 2.5llbs (1.1kg) with controls that are straightforward to master. The detector has a backlit display and features like unmatched target separation in iron and trash, one touch ground balance with manual overdrive and continuous ground condition read out. The Fisher F-19 Ltd Metal Detector also has Enhanced V-Break®, Tone Discrimination System, FeTone™, Adjustable Iron Audio and a notch window with adjustable notch width.

The F19 Ltd is currently available in green camo (F19 Ltd) or pink camo (F19 Ltd-P) so if you’re looking for a great detector with a bit of individual flare then either is a perfect choice. However, this offer is only for a limited time so if you want to take advantage of it and secure this unique piece of kit then head to the Joan Allen website now.

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