John Parker – Minelab CTX 3030 Winner

Minelab CTX 3030 WinnerI could not believe my luck when I received the phone call announcing that I was the winner of the CTX 3030! It was like a dream come true. I’ve always fancied having one and having read several reviews about it, I never imagined for one moment that I would own one, one day. I am still buzzing with joy.

Let’s face it, the CTX 3030 is the best machine currently on the market and in total honesty it is an entirely different machine from the ones I have used in the past. Because of personal commitments, I have only managed to use it on three occasions on fields which I have detected to death in the past but to my surprise I still managed to pull out few Victorian pennies and some other small artefacts which my old machines did not even register. Could this be pure luck or is it because the CTX 3030 really does what it says on the tin?

Like anything new and different, I am still struggling to use it to it’s maximum potential and still learning all the different programmes and modes, but be sure that in a few weeks time I will have become confident with all the controls and then I will really make some fantastic finds. I am usually not very technical with detectors even though I have many years of detecting experience but one thing that really did hit me with this detector and which I noticed immediately was it’s phenomenal response speed and the ability to identify multiple targets at once. This makes it a really good machine to use in trashy sites.

One problem that I had always had was the weather, well now I can go hunting under any weather as the CTX 3030 is completely water proof. Another problem I have always had was the weight and to be honest the CTX 3030 is not the lightest machine but I can see that Minelab has really put the effort in to distribute the weight more down the arm. Even though I have spent just few days out with it, I did detect for several hours at the time and did not notice any fatigue or stress in my arm or my shoulder. I have even found the handle to be ergonomic and comfortable.

Well, what can I say, thank you “Treasure Hunting” for making my dream come true and rest assured it is only a question of time before I will hit gold thanks to this fantastic machine.

by John Parker

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