John Parker – Minelab CTX 3030 Winner

Minelab CTX 3030 WinnerI could not believe my luck when I received the phone call announcing that I was the winner of the CTX 3030! It was like a dream come true. I’ve always fancied having one and having read several reviews about it, I never imagined for one moment that I would own one, one day. I am still buzzing with joy. Read more of this post

When you are on a ‘run’

Metal Detectorist - Julian Evan-HartA ‘Run’ is what my colleagues and I would describe as one of those metal detecting days where you just keep finding. Sometimes others may do nearly as well as you but in my experience its usually just one of us that has a run at the one time. Sometimes it starts as soon as you arrive on site, with a good find happening almost immediately. This seems to spur you on and produce much positive thought, which in turn appears to attract further good finds. Read more of this post

Finding Treasure… Well… Sort Of!


Metal detecting has certainly taken me to some wonderful places, ranging from the flat fields of Cambridgeshire to the hot arid deserts of mid Jordan. What I did not expect on this journey was to find myself metal detecting in the attic of a huge house in Cockfosters. So, how did this happen…Well, a few days ago I had a phone call from a lady called Diana, whose husband John had hidden some valuables away when they went away on vacation. Months later she had asked him where these valuables were and so John went up into the attic to get them. The trouble was that he had put them in such a safe place that he couldn’t actually locate them at all.

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A Most Unusual Bell

An Unusual Bell

My good friend Steve unearthed this rather unusual bell the other day. The field he found it in was full of flints and so, naturally, the artifact had suffered a little, along with being slightly crushed. When you’re metal detecting you tend to come across a wide variety of bells. From tiny Roman temple ones, open cut out late Roman ones, Rumblers, Crotals, Clappers and sometimes large fragments of local bell casting alloys – there’s a huge range of potential finds. Read more of this post