5 Tips on How to Use Your Metal Detector Correctly

5 Tips on How to Use Your Metal Detector CorrectlyMetal detecting can be both fun and rewarding. But like any pastime, knowing how to use your equipment properly will really enhance the experience, making it far more enjoyable. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Listen Carefully

Metal detecting is all about listening for the beeps, and knowing what the beeps mean. Stronger beeps will mean a bigger or better find and the pulse of the beeps helps you to locate it. Each device will be slightly different so it is important that you set it up properly and get used to hearing the beeps. A good way to familiarise yourself is to experiment with a gold ring and a penny, alternating between the two with the detector so as to hear the difference in sound.

Metal Detecting HeadphonesWear Headphones

Metal detectors require specialist headphones – a purchase definitely worth considering. Wearing headphones whilst detecting has a number of advantages, mainly being able to hear your device more clearly. They also block out distractions and help you to concentrate, as well as saving any passersby the annoyance of constant clicks and beeps, making them less likely to approach and interrupt you.

Search Methodically

It goes without saying that being methodical in your search will distinctly reduce the chance of covering the same ground more than once. Everyone has their own way of working so come up with a pattern that suits you. Select your area and think of mowing the lawn – you can start from the outside and work inwards, or begin on one side and carefully move in strips. There is nothing more frustrating in metal detecting than losing your bearings and covering old ground, or leaving a site with an untouched patch.

Pinpoint the Location

Before taking your trowel to the ground and digging blindly, you should identify an exact a location as possible of the artifact you have detected. Thoroughly scour the general area by repeatedly moving your detector in a cross shape, slowly enough to hear the changes in beeps. Digital detectors have an indicator screen that gives a far more accurate location of a found object.

Practice Makes Perfect

We all dream of uncovering that priceless treasure, but patience is a virtue and practice does indeed make perfect. The more you use your metal detector, the easier it will become and the less likely you are to spend your time digging up can ring-pulls and broken zips. Practice at home on different metal objects to differentiate between the beeps. Don’t be disheartened to come back from excursions without finding anything. Metal detecting is unpredictable by nature which makes it all the more exciting.

One Response to 5 Tips on How to Use Your Metal Detector Correctly

  1. geoff archer swansea says:

    another good reason for the headphones when out in the winter they keep your ears nice and warm

    i’ll just get my coat………

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