How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Minelab Explorer SEMetal detectors play an important role in modern day security. They can be found at almost every airport around the world and are often used at large scale or high profile events. They are also the pride possession of enthusiasts constantly on the lookout for buried treasures, be they of monetary, historic or sentimental value. But how exactly do these curious machines work? Well, the technology is actually pretty simple and harnesses one of the most fundamental principles of science and indeed the universe itself: electromagnetism. Read more of this post

Guest Post: What Better Feeling

Ploughed FieldAny enthusiastic detectorist will be familiar with the feeling of deep joy that comes when their favourite sites are ploughed. It forecasts a new crop of exciting finds, waiting to be discovered in the weeks ahead. Read more of this post

Guest Post: Ripping Off A Thousand Flowers?

Roman Brooch

Year on year, all kinds of Roman brooches are unearthed by metal detectorists. The example shown here is of a variety known as the Umbonate type. It appears to have been machined or lathed to quite a precise finish, as opposed to being cast. It is very thin having lost its 2000 year or so battle against the plough, amongst other things. And yet it still has its pin – something that is always a bonus with Roman brooches. Read more of this post

On This Day in History…. 4th March

Here it is – another selection of events, births and deaths that have marked this day (4th March) throughout human history all over the world.  Read more of this post