Guest Post: Axe head found with the Minelab Safari

Axe HeadI just love metal detecting based mysteries and recently came across a fascinating one. My friend Steve recovered an axe-head from just over two feet down in a layer of hard pack gravel. He was using his Minelab Safari metal detector and, when I saw him recover this artifact, I was astounded at the depth from which it had come. All I can say is that the conditions that day must have been optimum, either that or there are some non-ferrous impurities in the axe head. Read more of this post

Guest Post: Helpful Animals…

Detecting Finds

Something that often gets overlooked by those who metal detect are the diggings of animals, such as rabbits, moles, foxes and badgers, and the contribution this can make to discoveries. Where these animals dig and ‘excavate’ near to known settlement sites, it is often worth checking the soil that they ‘kick out’ during the process of tunneling to see what they have turned up. I have seen oyster shells, tile and pottery excavated from great depths by badgers and even found Roman coins near an old fox den. Read more of this post