Guest Post: A Batch of Finds – Part I

Les Richards' Minelab CoilAnother batch of finds from last weekend…there may not be any vastly valuable gold coins or Roman artifacts in it, but to me every find is a little bit of treasure or a piece of local history. However, what is perhaps more important is that this prospecting gets me out of the house and into the fresh air – and that’s a big part of what detecting is all about.

About 15 years ago I became seriously ill with a degenerative neurological disorder. I was told that within a few months I would be in a wheelchair, which is the kind of news that can knock anyone for six. However, I am not the type of person to give in easily and so decided to look for some kind of activity that would give me a reason to get out more, to keep everything moving.

My wife suggested a metal detector because of an ongoing an interest in coins and collecting – I have always been a bit of a Magpie really. We went to a local company called Maz Detectors and there I purchased a Fisher CZ-7a Quicksilver supplied by Joan Allen Electronics – and so my interest in metal detecting  begun.

Armed with my new machine I enjoyed many years of detecting with some pretty exciting finds like a perfect William and Mary shilling. More importantly, at a critical time in my life I had a reason to get out and go to places where I wasn’t constantly asked questions like ‘how are you today’ or ‘are you ok you don’t look too good?’ Although the questions came from well meaning friends it was rather depressing being reminded all the time that I was ill.

This is just one of the reasons why metal detecting had a really positive impact on my life.

You can read part two of these blogs to see where this new hobby eventually led me.

by Les Richards

About Julian Evan-Hart
Julian is from Hertfordshire, England and has always been interested in fossils and antiquities. Julian has written a number of books on metal detecting, and is an avid user of Minelab products.

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