On this Day in History… 11th November

Poppy FieldWith the 11th November being such a notable date in history books across the globe, we thought it would be interesting to see what other events have marked this day. Feel free to leave your own personal extras in the comments section below.


308 – An attempt to restore the Roman Empire was made at Carnuntum, in a meeting between Emperor emeritus Diocletian, Galerius Augustus of the East, and Maximianus Augustus of the West.
1215 – The doctrine of ‘transubstantiation’ is defined by the Fourth Lateran Council. According to the doctrine, this is the process by which bread and wine are said to transform into the body and blood of Christ.
1675 – Gottfried Leibniz demonstrates intergral calculus for the first time to find the area under graph of y = f(x).
1750 – The first college of fraternity is formed under the name of the F.HC. Society – aka, the Flat Hat Club – at Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia.
1869 – The Victorian Aboriginal Protection Act is enforced in Australia, giving the government control of indigenous people’s wages, their terms of employment, their children and where they could live. This effectively resulted in the Stolen Generations.
1918 – Germany and its allies sign an armistice agreement to end World War I. Fighting ceases at 11am, but the war does not officially end until 28th June 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles.
1930 – Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard are awarded patent number US1791541 for their invention, the Einstein Refrigerator.
1940 – In the Battle of Taranto During WWII, the Royal Navy launches the first aircraft carrier strike in history on the Italian fleet.
1999 – The House of Lords Act gets the Royal Assent, restricting membership of the British House of Lords to hereditary peerage.
2008  – RMS QE2 embarks on her final voyage to Dubai.


1050 – Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1106).
1821 – Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian author (d. 1881).
1922 – Kurt Vonnegut, American author (d. 2007).
1925 – June Whitfield, English actress.
1956 – Ian Craig Marsh, English guitarist (The Human League, Heaven 17 and B.E.F.).


405 – Arsacius of Tarsus, Tarsian archbishop (b. 324).
1880 – Ned Kelly, Australian murderer (b. 1855).
1984 – Martin Luther King, Sr., American pastor, missionary and activist (b. 1899).
1993 – Erskine Hawkins, American trumpeter and bandleader (b. 1914).

2012 – Rex Hunt, English diplomat, Govenor of the Falkland Islands (b. 1926).

Holidays & Observances

Here in the UK we have Remembrance Day on the 11th November, with a 2-minute silence at 11am to mark the end of fighting in WWI. However, other countries have this date in their diaries for different reasons.

In Angola, Independence Day celebrates independence from Portugal in 1975. China has Singles Day, and Belgium has Women’s Day.

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