Guest Post: A Batch of Finds – Part I

Les Richards' Minelab CoilAnother batch of finds from last weekend…there may not be any vastly valuable gold coins or Roman artifacts in it, but to me every find is a little bit of treasure or a piece of local history. However, what is perhaps more important is that this prospecting gets me out of the house and into the fresh air – and that’s a big part of what detecting is all about.

About 15 years ago I became seriously ill with a degenerative neurological disorder. I was told that within a few months I would be in a wheelchair, which is the kind of news that can knock anyone for six. However, I am not the type of person to give in easily and so decided to look for some kind of activity that would give me a reason to get out more, to keep everything moving. Read more of this post

Guest Post: Crud Covered Discs

17th Century Trade TokenMany of us detectorists experience what we call ‘crud covered discs’ from time to time, mostly from Roman sites. It may be time consuming, but it is well worth checking these discs because you never know what that coating could be hiding. Read more of this post

On this Day in History… 11th November

Poppy FieldWith the 11th November being such a notable date in history books across the globe, we thought it would be interesting to see what other events have marked this day. Feel free to leave your own personal extras in the comments section below. Read more of this post

Guest Post: Foreigners in the Fields

Venitian Coin

It is not unusual for detectorists to occasionally find foreign coins here in Britain, from a few years old to several thousand. What is less usual however, is finding two separate foreign coins, both several hundred years old. Read more of this post

Guest Post: Those Bloody Saxons!

King Ecgberht CoinGoing by the sheer number of spears and swords buried with the Saxons in the earlier stages of their time here on Earth, I’m sure they really were bloody. However, my reference to the word is perhaps more pertinent in its usage towards the later Saxons and their habit of cold-striking their silver flat pennies. Read more of this post