July’s Best Finds…

It’s that time of the month again where we review the best finds found by the detecting community on our social media pages. Five fantastic finds feature again this week. If you want to be included, make sure you’re submitting your finds to us!

Two Quarters

Jack Minelab Nyszkiewicz
Jack found two cut quarters while detecting with his local club.


Paul Wood
Paul’s spearhead discovered midway through July.

Roman Republican Denarius

Phil Chapman
Phil came across this Republican Silver Denarius I while out with his CTX 3030. The coin dates to around 150BC!


Jonathan Richards
Jonathan stumbled upon this superb brooch.

William III Farthing

Adrian Broom
A fantastic William III Farthing.

One Response to July’s Best Finds…

  1. Cutaplug says:

    What an awesome set of finds. The Denarius is amazing thanks for sharing =)

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