Guest Post: Junkers 88G6 Nightfighter – Julian Evan-Hart

Tip of a propeller hub from a Junkers 88G6

In March and April towards the end of World War Two, the German Luftwaffe launched a hopeless last ditch effort to attack RAF and American bombers returning from raids. It was a foolish but nonetheless brave effort that involved ‘Junkers’ – twin-engine, multi-role aircraft that were super fast and versatile and could be used to attack any model of fighter plane. This artefact is the extreme tip of a spinner recovered from the Suffolk crash site of a Junkers 88G6, at that time Germany’s most advanced state of the art night fighter.  Read more of this post

Metal Detecting Giveaway

Facebook Competition Prizes

We are giving away 5 great prizes over on our Facebook page! To be in with a chance to win, simply enter your information on our Facebook App before the 30th July 2013 at 23.59! We will then randomly select 5 winners from the entrants. The competition is open to UK residents only. Read more of this post

Guest Post: Old Gold – Julian Evan-Hart

A Portuguese 4000 Reis dating from 1719 Having been detecting for over 35 years I have seen and found my fair share of gold coins. However for me that consists of 2 hammered gold and 8 Celtic quarter staters. Read more of this post

Italians in the Woods

A 1928 1 Lire nickel

From late 1940 to 1943 the woodlands in my part of Hertfordshire were full of parties of Italian POWs. Most of these originated from the British Army’s successes in North Africa, but one or two were aircrews that had been shot down over Britain in November 1940. At this time, around Stevenage, many of the woodlands were being cut down to provide pit props for the coal mines up north due to the massive demands a wartime economy made on the provision of coal – some still bear testimony to this even today. The work of removing the trees was often carried out by Italian POW tree cutters. Read more of this post