June’s Best Finds…

Over the past few weeks we’ve pushed out a detecting story written by Julian Evan-Hart. As a consequence we’ve not posted your top finds for a while – so here’s another selection of the best from our community. You can share yours on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you send in your finds – they could make our top five!

 A Julia Domna Silver Denarius

Phil Chapman
Phil Chapman found this fantastic Julia Domna Silver Denarius dating from 203AD with his CTX 3030.

 A British War Medal from 1914-1918

Julian Evan-Hart
Jules came across this British War Medal 1914-1918. A solid, chunky silver, which in those days the name of the person was stamped on the edge. This medal belonged to Private Walter Janeway of the Royal Fusiliers…

 A Roman Brooch

Nick Royle
Nick found this Roman Brooch at the start of the month – an excellent find!

An Edward 1st Bristol Mint

Les Richards
Les stumbled upon this fantastic Edward 1st Bristol Mint .

A 24c ancient Nepalese gold ring

Julian Roger
A 24c ancient Nepalese gold ring, turned out to be Julian’s mother in law’s who had lost it 7 years ago previously whilst out riding. A small world!

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