June’s Best Finds…

Over the past few weeks we’ve pushed out a detecting story written by Julian Evan-Hart. As a consequence we’ve not posted your top finds for a while – so here’s another selection of the best from our community. You can share yours on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you send in your finds – they could make our top five!

 A Julia Domna Silver Denarius Read more of this post

Tigers in the Wood Part VI – Julian Evan-Hart

The final instalment of Tigers in the Wood – a metal detecting short story by Julian Evan-Hart.

Julian atop a Tiger 1 out in Normandy

Julian atop a Tiger 1 out in Normandy

“Yes”, Kurt replied. “That was me, many years ago. I was a young man then, a battle-group commander. I have no idea what happened, or why. But I have recalled that day vividly for nearly seventy years. Something did happen, and we saw each other….perhaps it was what they call a time slip. I suppose the question is James, would anyone ever believe us?” Read more of this post

Tigers in the Wood Part V – Julian Evan-Hart

The penultimate chapter in Julian Evan-Hart’s metal detecting  story – Tigers in the Wood – continues.

Perhaps James was just boiling over with teen hormones, Fiona thought. But that didn’t explain the odd noises she thought she too had just heard. There did seem to be a strange atmosphere about the place, like something just wasn’t quite right. Jess looked around and said “Well I didn’t see anything at all Mum.” Read more of this post

Tigers in the Wood Part IV – Julian Evan-Hart

Julian Evan-Hart’s detecting short story – Tigers in the Wood – continues in Part 4.

A field in Normandy

It was the 25th July 2013. Jim Bradley, his wife Fiona and their children were off to the Normandy area of France. Loosely it was a family break but the hidden, and for Jim the real agenda, was to try and get some land in France on which to go metal detecting. Read more of this post