The Best Bit of Advice for New Detectorists…

Last month we thought we would ask our Facebook community what their best piece of advice for new detectorists would be. Some of the suggestions were so good – we’ve blogged about it. Can you think of anymore? Comment underneath and share your knowledge.

John Godden – Make sure you ask for permission from the landowner.

Stephen Llewellyn – Join a club and learn the ropes from responsible detectorists.

Carlos Canle – patience, passion, perseverance: P+P+P=SUCCESS!

Andy Holbrook – Don’t wear steal toe caps!

Donald Wilcock – Dig everything

Julian Sell – Marry a farmer with good land!

Julie Argent – Swing low and slow

David Dill Hilton – Take your time. The fields will always wait there

John Miller – Just enjoy it and if you find anything good its a bonus.

Philthy Phil Chapman – Remember that every bit of scrap you dig takes you closer to the next decent find!

Kevin Forrest – Never give up – there’s always another day.

Ritchie Goodchild – Keep your coil low to ground and parallel to the ground, do not “UFO” it at end of sweeps, you lose depth and a possible find!

Ian Burton – Don’t forget your spade!

David Ford – Patience

And finally…

Julian Evan-Hart – Never ever give up… keep on getting out into those fields. But above all – “love” the machine you have – whatever it is. Trust it and it will deliver. Always be as positive as possible. If you haven’t found coins and artefacts its because you simply haven’t put the coil over them yet, or on rare occasions its because the stuff simply isn’t there. A field can vary day by day with moisture levels and even differing soil types. There may well be a few “thrashed worked out sites” but there are no such sites that have nothing left to find… so get on out there!

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