March’s Best Finds…

Another month has gone by in 2013 and yet another month of great finds from the detecting community. Once again, we’re sharing our favourite finds from the previous month from our Facebook and Twitter pages. Would you like to feature next month? Just send in your best finds and they might make our top five!

Henry VIII Farthing

Jimmy Young
Jimmy found this rare Henry VIII farthing at the beginning of March about 5-6 inches down – an excellent find!

Edward I Penny

Phil Chapman
Phil Chapman found an Edward I penny and a smaller double struck coin which he thinks is either a halfpenny of either Edward III or Richard II. Can anyone help him determine the second coin?

Finds with the CTX 3030

Daniel OBeirns
Daniel collected this little haul from 5 hours of detecting using the CTX 3030. Not a bad outing at all!

Decorative Hardware for Furniture from the Napoleonic Wars

Dalibor Brunclík
Dalibor found this rather curious decorative hardware for furniture from the Napoleonic Wars. It was found in the Czech Republic.

Religious Medallion

Darren Butcher
Darren came across this Victorian religious medallion in Bedfordshire. These types of medallions were made in gold, brass, bronze copper and white metal alloys.

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