The Best Bit of Advice for New Detectorists…

Last month we thought we would ask our Facebook community what their best piece of advice for new detectorists would be. Some of the suggestions were so good – we’ve blogged about it. Can you think of anymore? Comment underneath and share your knowledge. Read more of this post

Proculus – The “Unwanted” Usurper by Julian Evan-Hart

Colin Popplewell on left and Mark Hildreth on the rightOn Wednesday 10th April 2013 I finally boarded a train to London in order to meet Colin and Mark -the detectorists who had recently found a very rare Roman coin up in Yorkshire. The reason for this venture was to attend the auction organised by Dix Noonan Webb that was to take place at the Washington Hotel in Mayfair in which this very coin was to be included. Of course this particular coin needs no announcement here as it is the well known and exceedingly rare Antoninianus issue of the Emperor Proculus that has drawn extensive media focus ever since its finding. Amazingly some six months have passed since the discovery in a windswept bleak and very cold Yorkshire field. So now here we all were in London’s West End.  Mark and Colin had earlier decided to visit the British Museum and I went along with them in the last few remaining hours before the auction was scheduled to take place. Whilst at the museum we joked that it was good to see some of “Britain’s Lesser Treasures” before the auction of their in credibly rare coin.  Returning to the hotel at last we were safely seated and the auction began. We sat through hundreds of Ancient Greek coin lots which always seem to be very popular with collectors these days.  Read more of this post

March’s Best Finds…

Another month has gone by in 2013 and yet another month of great finds from the detecting community. Once again, we’re sharing our favourite finds from the previous month from our Facebook and Twitter pages. Would you like to feature next month? Just send in your best finds and they might make our top five!

Henry VIII Farthing Read more of this post

Vote for your favourite Metal Detecting Video

Back in February we ran a competition for the best metal detecting video. We offered up prizes of £400 (1st), £200 (2nd) and £100 (3rd) to entrants. We had lots of entrants, and whittled the original contenders down to five, of which you can now vote for your favourite video to decide who wins the prizes. We’ve inserted the videos below for ease, and you can then vote via our Facebook competition app. Voting closes Monday 8th April.
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