My Favourite Metal Detecting Accessory…

Earlier this month we asked our Facebook community what was their favourite metal detecting accessory. Some of the answers we so good – we thought we’d blog about it. So here are our favourites…

Favourite Accessory

Jason Kempster – A detecting buddy

Nigel Forshaw – Permission and my Toothbrush…

William Lea Hall – My spade, no one is robbing my detector (!)

Gary Clifford – Mines my Garrett Probe, how did I manage before without it?

Tom Taylor – Minelab E-trac!

Marcus Virgo – My flask!

Rob Thomson – My homemade special deep digger spade and sunray sov probe

Allen Hill – Spare batteries.

John Webb – My backpack full of snapping and coffee.

Graham Kirkland – The wife! Such a great digger…

Tony Hunt – Lithium long life battery packs 


Bob Sherlock – Garret probe


Jack Minelab Nyszkiewicz – XTerra 705!

David Fowler – My Draper Mini Shovel!

Steve Bowles – A gold denarius

James Silich – Water Bottle.

Julie Argent – Garret pointer! Without shadow of doubt, I love it.

Frank Mcilroy – A flask of coffee and rum


Richard Joynson – Anything that is free!

Helen Coulthard – Pro pointer.

Jim Barnes – Wellie socks

Nigel Green – A good field to detect!

David Fowler – Chewing gum!

Chris Hodgkinson – My CTX


Daniel OBeirnes – My pot of tea and just sit in a field and relax


Philthy Phil Chapman – My car without which I wouldn’t be able to get to my permissions or meet up with my detecting mates!

Ian Grimshaw – My Kopiko sweets. They are just concentrated coffee with a little sugar. Very strong.

 (note – we did ask to try these but Ian is currently “out of stock” – we await them with great anticipation!!)

Can you think of anymore? Comment below and let us know!

2 Responses to My Favourite Metal Detecting Accessory…

  1. bob says:

    garrett pro pointer , fantastic device , and my gas camping stove for making a steaming hot cup of coffee in my vw caddy .

  2. Mal says:

    Beach Bling Bling

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