February’s Best Finds…

February 2013 has drawn to a close, and as such we’re looking back on the best metal detecting finds from the Joan Allen community. Our followers and fans keep sharing their finds on Facebook and on Twitter – and we keep sharing them on our blog! Make sure your sharing yours too and you could feature in March’s review!

Charles I Penny

James Burrill
James found this Charles I penny… a superb rare find.


Phil Chapman
Phil stumbled upon this large sesterius. He commented; “Saturday’s best find, a huge sestertius…well worn but I believe it may be Claudius. Sadly the reverse side is worn to the point where there’s absolutely no detail left.”

CTX 3030 Find

Daniel OBeirnes
Daniel’s first day out with his new Minelab CTX 3030 produced this beauty! We hope you find several more!

Bronze and Enamel Fob

Les Richards
Les found this bronze and enamel fob. The text reads “Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants” – the Merthyr branch of which existed between 1888 and 1909.

Edit – Jason Kempster’s find removed on 29th August 2014. 

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