On this day in history: 25th January

Here at Joan Allen we like nothing more than reflecting on a bit of history (well, aside from being out in the field detecting!). So here’s another blog detailing what happened on this day in centuries gone by… we couldn’t fit everything in, but let us know on our Facebook and Twitter if it’s something obvious! Read more of this post

Neil Jones – In Search of Stycas

The field before detecting begunI heard from a friend that our Styca field was available to detect – this field is the hardest field we have in terms of searching, I’m not exaggerating when I say we swing the coil at 6-8 seconds a sweep with the sensitivity and gain up full plus all metal. The field is very highly mineralised and full of iron and it really is the only way to winkle these tiny Saxon coins out.

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December’s Best Finds

A new year has rolled around and it’s never too late to look back at the past… although the past is only a month old! We’re taking a look at some of the best finds from December that have been shared on our Facebook page. Want to be featured next month? Then get sharing over on Facebook!

1941 Penny Read more of this post

Julian-Evan Hart sums up his 2012 and looks forward to 2013… (part 2)

Julian Evan-Hart

So what of 2013 eh? Well I don’t have a time machine or the ability to predict exact things of course (and as we have all witnessed recently it would appear neither did the Mayans!). However with our noble hobby and the dedication of thousands and thousands of like-minded people I reckon we are safe in predicting a few hoards, golden artefacts, coins and perhaps one or even two nationally important massive discoveries.

Things to come

So consistent is our hobby that we can at least “expect” such things to be rather the norm. I know for a fact that I have several big projects one being the completion of my second novel and the other… well that’s not definite so Id better not say too much… but it may well involve me being on a boat out at sea looking for something of absolutely massive significance… another case of watch this space! Read more of this post