Julian-Evan Hart sums up 2012 and looks forward to 2013… (part 1)

Julian Evan-Hart shows off his first novel

Well what a twelve-month stretch 2012 was – although perhaps not one of the best for detecting due to the large amounts of unsuitable weather we all experienced in the early and latter parts of this year.

However, obviously we as detectorists were not put off by such events, as some delightful and important finds were made… not just the national treasures that made the headlines, but hundreds of thousands of smaller finds, that without metal detecting would never have been found, recorded, conserved and made available to increase academic and general public interest.

Great Finds

Personally speaking some of my close friends found some really good items, Jason found an unrecorded silver penny of King Alfred, Mark found his first ever Roman silver – a Tiberius “Tribute Penny”. For me it was not a bad year all told, I found a few hundred Roman coins, a lovely seal matrix with a squirrel on it (the legend translated as “I Crack Nuts”), rather obvious that one…. and as these things were mass produced giving the seal owner not really much on the scale of individuality. I then went on to find a really nice Heraldic Pendant and a groat of Mary Queen of Scots. Read more of this post

Great Fortune with a Minelab Sovereign XS2a Pro

Gary Chappelle finds a Noble with his Minelab Metal Detector

Frequently we post content from Julian Evan-Hart, as he is one of the most avid metal detecting enthusiasts we have ever come across, and he is more than happy to provide content for us. This blog however focuses not on Julian, but another member of the Joan Allen community – perhaps one who is lesser known.Gary Chapelle dropped into our showroom on the 14th December, to show us the Philip the Bold half Noble he found when searching through an old medieval village site with the Surrey Searchers Metal Detecting Club. Read more of this post

On this day in history: 14th December

Every month or two, we like to share a collection of information to those that read our blog of what happened on that particular day in history. We’ve decided to continue that trend, attempting to educate some, and hopefully learn a thing or two ourselves! So here’s what happened on the 14th December throughout history… Read more of this post

November’s Top Finds

Top finds from the Joan Allen community in November

This weeks blog details the top finds shared on our Facebook community. We constantly have people sharing their finds through our social media channels, and we love showing them off to you! If you’re brave enough to venture out in the cold this month, send us your top finds and you might make next months portfolio.

Gold Coins Read more of this post