Dan’s Guide to the Minelab XTerra 705

Dan Blackwell reviews the Minelab XTerra 705 in our latest video. He also gives a brief guide to metal detecting for any budding detectorists out there, or those who just wish to sharpen up their skills.


Dan guides you through all the tools you’ll need to accompany your Minelab Xterra 705, as well as how to use the machine to accurately pinpoint an object hidden below. Dan explains how it is important to keep the coil of the detector quite low, with even parallel sweeps from left to right. This ensures maximum coverage of the ground below, and means the detector won’t miss any undiscovered artefacts. Dan also uses the XTerra to explain how you can personalise the settings of the product to focus on particular metals.

Visit our website for more information on the Minelab XTerra 705.

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One Response to Dan’s Guide to the Minelab XTerra 705

  1. andy. says:

    just a little advise for Dan, once you have a handful of soil and you wave it over the coil, if there is nothing in it, rather than just putting on the ground, throw it back into the hole, saves having to do it twice….. But all in all a good demonstration ..( would have liked to have seen the finds cleaned up )..
    well done.

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