Neil’s latest finds with the Minelab CTX3030

A regular on the Joan Allen blog, Neil Jones has been writing about his latest finds that he’s found with the Minelab CTX3030.

In his last blog – Detecting made Simple – Neil gave the CTX3030 a full review and showcased some of his top finds with Minelab’s premium detector. Here’s Neil’s latest blog:

With the growing season in full swing and no fields to search, I was desperate to go searching.

While out driving I noticed the car boot field and thought that I’ve not done that for a while so decided to have a couple of hours on there.

This field gets searched quite regular by other detectorists so I wasn’t expecting too much. I pulled up and got my gear out of the car.

When I do this type of searching I only listen for and dig the higher signals and in this case numbers for pound and two pound coins, plus any thicker or bigger jewellery that might of been dropped. The coins come through at around 29-39.

When I search this type of site I have the sensitivity lower down at 18 and gain at 22, as i am just going for the loud and proud surface and near surface signals. I also swing quite fast which makes a change from being slow and low. The program I used was conduct 50 tones with Gordon`s (“Iron hearted Gog”) tadpole in the lower right corner.

I climbed over the gate and did the short walk to the field and started to search. It was about eight minutes before I got my first high signal which was a one pound coin, I had ignored five or six medium and low signals which takes some doing as you have to be strict with yourself.

The next signal was a two pound coin. It’s a good buzz seeing the larger thick round shape in the soil, another high signal saw me retrieve a small but thick silver ring with a rectangular red stone set within it. I love the thrill of jewellery, be it silver or gold or even costume jewellery.

After several more laying on the surface pound coins which were fresh drops I dug a lovely solid silver brooch in the form of two leaves together, this find I really liked and was my favourite from the field.

Two cheap metal rings followed in succession and then more pound coins. All in all in two hours I had 18 coins, three rings and the brooch, seven of the coins were on the surface.

I found the CTX to be precise and spot on at identifying through tone and numbers, none of the targets were deeper than three inches and as usual the machine was a joy to swing.

The CTX is a great coin shooter and I can’t wait to try the field in a month or so hoping for some fresh drops.

To read all of Neil’s stories, visit the Joan Allen blog and see his finds on the Joan Allen Facebook page.

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