The Ultimate Metal Detecting Story: Introducing The Three Tiles

Well its taken 35 years of metal detecting, research and I guess life experience to write and have my first ever novel published.

This is something truly different; an adventurous account concerning a small Oxfordshire village. The plot is stuffed full of local gritty characters, fate, legend, myth and of course a healthy serving of fact.

This is a tale about luck and fate but also one of sheer determination that eventually leads to a monumental outcome. This outcome finally establishes once and for all the factors behind an important historical event of prime importance to the culture and heritage of Britain.

Starting in the 17th Century, it takes the reader through World War One with its tragic effects and then into the 1940`s ferocious overhead aerial combats that formed The Battle of Britain.

It then looks at the archaeological excavation of a shot down German bomber in the year 2018 and then delves backwards two thousand years to explain the incredible findings.

If you really like mysteries, with fascinating timeline connections back and forth throughout history, things that get lost and then found with an outcome that will make your jaw drop, then I believe this book may well be for you.

The fascinating thing here is that in reality any one reader or group of readers could well become entangled in the plot of this book and go on to actually become an important part of the story being told here.

The aim of this work is to feed interest and give hope of success, even when times are tough luck and fate are always unavoidable factors in anything that happens to us.

So I hope everyone will enjoy reading this just as much as I have enjoyed writing it. In addition I don’t deny that this book is also dedicated to the thousands of people who each day spend their lives to trudging around the fields and uncovering clues to our past. Without whom this country`s subsequent rich and enhanced knowledge of our heritage would be a very bare boned entity indeed. These people know full well who they are and those who know me well enough will surely know exactly to whom I am referring.

“The Three Tiles” by Julian Evan-Hart is available at all established retail book outlets and Internet based outlets such as Amazon. For more information please visit

One Response to The Ultimate Metal Detecting Story: Introducing The Three Tiles

  1. I’ve just finished reading this & can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a damn’ good read! A cracking, well researched book which mixes historic fact with fiction and conjecture and will appeal to absolutely anyone who picks it up whether they are a metal detectorist or not. Good work Jules!!!

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