Make metal detecting a family affair – how to get the kids involved

What child would pass up a treasure hunt in the middle of nowhere with a mini metal detector in hand to match your ‘grown-up’ model? It’s really easy to turn your hobby into a fun pursuit for all of the family – you justhave to get a little bit creative with it. Joan Allen show you how with our 5 handy ideas to make metal detecting fun for all.


Turn it into a competition

Unearth the competitive streak in your child by turning a few hours of metal detecting into an action-packed competition or race. Take them to a large field with their siblings or friends and let them roam for a few hours. The first person to find a few pieces of something could bag themselves a treat on the way home or better still, introduce a time-trial and see who can beat the stopwatch.


Role play

Practise your best story-telling techniques and create a grand fantasy tale around a deserted piece of land or a nearby beach. Exaggerate gruesomecharacters and vicious battles that happened hundreds of years ago and human remains that could still be found at this very spot. Let your child be a pirate, eye patch and all and see how fast they’ll be skulking around for treasure.


Detect at a birthday party

Take the birthday celebrations outside for what could potentially be a very cheap and cheerful day out for all the children and their parents. If you have the budget you could perhaps hire a few detectors for the day and let them pursue the gold in pairs or alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with an old-fashioned bucket and spade. Just make sure the young detectorists aren’t digging up mole-sized holes in your local park.


Bonding time

How heart warming is it to see two or three generations at the edge of a lake with a flask of hot tea and a fishing rod? Translate this into your dream picture and make metal detecting a regular bonding day with the family. It could be once a week or once a month but children will value that quality time and look forward to it when it comes.


Go to the museum

What you and the family find on an expedition could wind up on display in a glass cabinet so show your child what other impressive finds are in the museum. Drop in an impromptu history lesson while you drift in-between exhibitions and tell your child how amazing metal detecting can be. Trust us, it will work.


Joan Allen would love to hear about your family experiences so please do post them on our Facebook page with pictures of your finds. To view our full range of children’s metal detectors visit our website here and be sure to check out the laws on metal detecting in the UK before you set off.




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