Part-exchange your old metal detector with Joan Allen


Want to upgrade your metal detector for a better model? Joan Allen are offering some great deals when trading in your old detector.

If you want to sample the delights of the Minelab E-Trac or covet the ability to detect underwater with the CTX3030, then we are giving you the chance to trade in your old detector and upgrade. Joan Allen are offering a minimum part exchange value of £200 on all proper working detectors.

Released at the end of May, the CTX3030 is a real game changer in the world of metal detecting. Using groundbreaking technology and possessing features such as waterproof, wireless audio and GPS locating, the CTX3030 is the ultimate high-performance treasure detector.

Now you can get your hands on one, courtesy of Joan Allen’s part-exchange programme.

For full information about prices and our part-exchange scheme, visit our Finance page on the Joan Allen website.

To apply for credit with Joan Allen, click here.



11 Responses to Part-exchange your old metal detector with Joan Allen

  1. Owen says:

    Hi…..I have a C-Scope K5000 which is belt or hand held, it is very new and I have only used it a few times, would you consider a part exchange????

  2. Richard says:

    Hi I have a Garrett ace 250 deluxe sports pack brand new and another Garrett ace sports pack used twice and I am looking to exchange for a Garrett AT Pro.The sports packs consist of 6.5×9 inch pro performance search coils/Garrett headphones/Treasure field guides/Ace Enviromental cover-up and garrett all purpose backpacks would you consider for exchange.

  3. Craig Watson says:

    Hi , May be thinking on part ex’in all my detectors for ctx 3030 , i have xp adx 250, minelab safari 14 months old and excalibur 2 which is only 2 months old … any help would appreciation many thanks

  4. Danny says:

    I have a viking v5 and a viking v10 both in good condition, would like a trade in price on upgrade sub £350

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