What is the best Metal Detector?

Let me set the scene….

It’s Wednesday morning, the sun is shining like mid July and whilst the kettle boils we decide to discuss what we think is the best metal detector. Now, i say discuss, but discussion soon turned into debate and debate into protesting and justifying our choice.

Unfortunately, whilst we could have continued to discuss what is the best metal detector out there all day, we sadly had to crack on with work; so we asked you…

Here’s what some of our Facebook friends had to say… Let us know what YOU think is the best metal detector and why, and see if you agree with any of the choices below…

Andy Holbrook: It’s got to be the minelab explorer 11 with a pro coil you can’t beat it!

Paul Rambo Campbell: Minelab Explorer XS with S.E.F Coil. But still think laser B3 & Power max 2 are worthy detectors switch on and go.

Graham McCall: Fisher F5 brought from you of course!    Thanks Graham!

Rob Capper: F75 for depth, F5 for coin shooting. Love em both thanks J.A. 🙂    Cheers Rob! 

Marcus Virgo: Xp goldmaxx power awesome machine deffo number 1 in my book! 

Hugo Fernandes: For starters, nothing like garrett ace 250! 

Julian Evan-Hart: I’ve been detecting for about 36 years too. I started off with several different makes including the then legendary Arado 120B. “The best metal detector eh?” now theres a question. I reckon the effectiveness of all machines is influenced by a combination of mental frame of mind (good or bad mood) determination, and Lady Luck. What then assists these come from the manufacturer and are performance and build quality. These have to be balanced good build quality and poor performance and excellent performance with poor build quality are non -runners. As a detectorist I feel that since I invest hundreds of hours researching and searching then Im at a stage where I deserve to have the best equipment on the market. Not what others say is the best what I feel and know from my experience to be “the top kit” For me and all my close detecting colleagues this perfect balance and “top kit” is provided by Minelab products. The X-TERRA series is unbeatable in its price range and the upper echelon models are in a league of their own. I remember my first Explorer 1 and how it destroyed the finds rates of my colleagues, so much so that they all went and got one…..well that was well over a decade ago now and Minelab have never let us down since….consistency, quality and top finds rates what more assistance could we ask for?….Jules

Peter Wathall: minelab couln’t agree more

Antony Provan: Dowsing stick.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Antony Provan… *round of applause*.

Chris Hughes: For 36 years I have only ever used C-Scope and don’t intend to change now. Current machine is 1220R.

Andrew Longman: XP Maxx power for me!

Alan Miller: Digging deeper with the DFX.

7 Responses to What is the best Metal Detector?

  1. Out of all the detectors at my disposal, my favorite is the Garrett AT Pro International. Combine that with a pro pointer, deadly combo!! So far I’ve found nearly $200 with it.

  2. Jack says:

    Best metal detector i’ve ever used is Minelab Etrac. Well balanced, deep, bit heavy but never mind. Professional tector for advanced users;)

  3. Matthew says:

    Surely 99% of detectorists are going to vote for the machine they use, I’m using euroace and it is supurb and think for beginners you cant beat the ace250

  4. bob boat says:

    using 3 machines old whites spectrum xlt fisher cz5 and cscope cs4ms on land and cs6pi on beach.favourite spectrum xlt.

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  6. Ralf Ritter says:

    Hey !

    My experience … you can´t buy a great metal detector for a few bucks ! I tryed that so believe me 🙂 Best detectors i used: DEUS from xp and etrac from Minelab ( but a heavy one ).

    HELLO from metal detecting Germany

    Ralf / metalldetektor / metalldetektor kaufen

  7. Witsend says:

    Digging randomly is just as effective as the best metal detector and not knowing how to use it. Therefore its horses for courses. Buy a resonanble priced detector (NOT CHEAP) and learn to use it correctly. Thats the best detector. Oh and by the way if you want deep detection by a JCB and dig large holes.

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